A - Z Works

254 Shades Of True Gray (Grey)


A Cold White Dwarf Planets' Children
A Dollop Of Cream Wouldn't Go Amiss
A Few Lines Of Equations
A Jupiter Fly-By
A Pool In Every Garden
A Roboticist
A Rocket Can Function In A Vacuum
A Small Orangey Planet
A Stationary Hologram
A Von Braun Rocket
A Warm Planet
Across The Upper Atmosphere
Activation Day
Advanced Forms Of Radar
After Some Years
All I Got Was This Lousy Pile
All Systems Go
All This Will End Badly
All Those Light Years
An Alternate World Story
An Equation Is For Eternity
And Back To Earth In Under 20 Mins
Artificial Enlargements
Astronomers Had Made Progress
At A Billion Frequencies
At Critical Mass
Aye, Robot

Barshovsky's Martians
Beyond Mother Earth
Between System And System
Binary Arithmetic Representations (For Beuys)
Black Holes Relax
Blankly Staring Back At The Science Fiction Author
Button-Down Short Sleeve Dustcloud

Cal Tech In 1967
Cataclysms In The Sky
Cinta Vaso
Closed Loops
Codex Of Periodicals
Collapsing On Itself And Unfolding Again
Collective Endeavor
Commonly Called A Spacewalk
Complex Message From Space
Components And Subcomponents
Components Assembled
Conspicuous Copernicus
Constellation: Wow
Cosmic Microwave Background
Cosmonaut Valentina
Crater Heavy Oberon
Cryostasis Complete
Crystal Cities
Crystalline Blue
Cyclo Morpho

Debris From A Large Meteorite
Delicate And Complex
Design And Function
Distant Colleagues
Disturbed By Great Storms
Do You Prefer Star Clouds Or Spiral Galaxies?

Echo And Telstar
Eggheads On Other Planets
El sol se asomó por la colina y el gris se volvió azul y verde
Emits And Emits
Energy Screen Results
Enter The Future Light Cone Please
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
Excuse Me, Where Is The City Of The Future?

Fake Blanket Of Stars
Fallen Astronaut
Fashionable Transcendental Numbers
Fearing Sputnik's Steady Beeps
Few Hundred Kilometers
Fifth-Dimensional Communication Methods
First Prototypes Produced
Five Laps Around The Sun Should Do It
Flux Node
Force-Field Theory
Four Years Of Making Collage And All I Got Was This Lousy Pile
Freed From Planetary Bondage
From The Misty Nebulae
Future Passed

Galactic City Centre
Gas Cloud Trajectory
Globular Cluster
Gravitational Collapse Of A Star
Gravity I

He Packs His Sweater And Drives To The Observatory
His Head Exploded And It Was Full Of Computer Parts
Horizontal Plane Of The Disk
Hot Stars And Stars In General
Humble Gravitation
Hydrogen Interference

I Thought I Was A Spaceman, Plain And Clear
Impact Formation Pending
Insufficient Thrust During Landing
In The Structure Of The Universe
Intra-System Gravity Plate
Into Heliospace
Irregular Spiral
It's Splendid Rings

Jacked Into Computers

Knitwear Tracksuit

Like Some Other World, Some Heaven, Some Wonderful Place Or Paradise
Lofstrom Loop
Lottery Winner Buys The Moon

Mad Multiverse
Make Rocket Go Now
Manned Moon Missions
Manner Of Beams
Mars 0600
Massive Enough To Ignite
Matter Transmitter
Mercury Phonebook (A-Z)
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, But Not Pluto
META / Sentinel

Naked Singularities
Neb, Neb, Nebul
No, A Parsec Is 3.26 Light Years, Silly
No Instruments In The Crew Area
Non-Singular Coordinate Transformation
Now, Majestic Star
Now Relax And Imagine You Are A Theoretical Sphere Surrounding A Black Star

Oceanic Swimwear
Off The Shoulder Of Orion
Off-World Parking
Only A Few Objects In The Night Sky
Orbiting Command
Orion's Belt Buckle
Oscillating Universe
Our Galaxy Is Just One Of Many Galaxies
Overcrowded Science Laboratory (Although Somewhat Predictable)

Palomar Observatory
Pan Paris
Parahuman Singularity
Parallel Observations
People Everywhere See The Man In The Moon 1
People Everywhere See The Man In The Moon 2
Piggy-Back To Higher Altitude
Planet X Theory
Pleasant Man Genesis
Please Don't Tell Them About My Space Sickness
Pluto Was Discovered In 1930
Pluto's Clouds
Pocket Universe
Portrait Of A Rover
Positron Blazer
Postal And Then Thermal
Practical Applications
Privately Owned Space Station
Privilege Hemisphere
Proxima Centauri

Quality Control Analysts
Quasi-Stellar Objects
Quintuple System
Quivering Dials

Reaction Drive
Reality Alternating
Redshifts And Blueshifts
Relativity Part One
Remember, We're Parked Outside The Milky-Way
Remember When I Was Burning Up On Re-Entry
Representative Hologram

Safe Enough
Sail Us To The Moon
Scattered Atoms
Seconds Later, It Crashes
See That Loophole Over There?
Sending Men To Other Planets
Sham Phone Call
Short Range Predictions
Single And Double Wavelengths
So Much Thought Transference
Soft, Cuddly, Stuffed
Solar Energy
Sombrero Nebula
Space Is Big, Really Big
Special Telefax
Specific Molecular Traces
Spectral Instrumentation
Spherical Shells
Splendid Infrared
Sprinkle Of Light
Steamed Date And Nut Pudding With Custard
Subsequent Transmissions
Substantial Sciences
Sunshine Discovery
Swallow Up The Earth
System Solar

Technological Failures, Human Failures
Technological Imperfection
Telegram Recieved
Telepathy Day
Ten Percent Of The Digits Will Be
That Hint Of Underground Mineral
That Is No Planet, My Boy
That Powerful Little Disintegrator
The Amount Of Negative Energy
The Astronaut's Ex-Wife
The Balmy Paradise Others Had Imagined
The Beautiful Game
The Body Effectively Blocks The Wormhole
The Central Idea Of Modern Biology
The Complete Illustrated Guide To
The Constellations... Any
The First Law Of Planet Three
The Largest Planet
The Machine Is A Means Of Destruction
The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment (After Kabakov)
The Most Unsolved Planet
The O.R.O.
The Radio Telescope At Arecibo
The Shift In Light And Waves
The Sky Is Dark And Empty, Stupid
The Solar Wind Blows
The Space Invaders Have Come To Save Us
The Sun Is So Ooooold
The Super Booster
The Time Traveller's Ex-Wife
The Warmest Water Is Red
Theological Reasons
There's A Spaceship Blocking Out The Sky
These Vast Worlds Which We Can Never Reach
Thinker, Sailor, Astronaut, Impaler
Third And Final Code
This Was Saturn 5
Three Days And 240,000 Miles Later
Through The Atmosphere Of Venus
Through The Great Dark Between The Stars
Time Internal
Tipsy Almond Pear
Tonight, At The Cosmodrome
Towering Thunderheads
Trademark Droid
Transport Module Docking
Transverse Magnetic Field
Triton's Frigid Surface
Turtles All The Way Down
Two Times Three Equals Six

Univers Parallél
Unthinkable Complexity

Videocassette On Rewind
Viewscreen Or Vidscreen
Virtual Reality Bypass
Vital Radio-Astronomical Static
Voyager I And II

Was Videotaped When
We Are Beginning To Decode
We Know Exactly What You Are
We Should Probably Make A Soft Landing On These Planets
We Thought Of Tools And Where To Use Them
What Are You Wearing? You Look Fabulous!
What Is
Why Was The Moon So Close?
Wind Of The Solar Kind
With Things Eternal
Within Conversational Range
Within The Expanding Mother Cloud

You Screwed It Up On Neptune And You're Gonna Screw It Up Here, Too
Your Emission Is Sporadic And Inconclusive
Your Own Death Ray
Your Paragravity Installation
You're In Paradox-Land